How to Keep Your Worship Leading Job

It’s not a pretty sight.  We look at our churches’ offerings and we struggle to stay optimistic.  We see other churches cutting back on expenses and even laying off staff. We wonder who will be next.

As a worship leader, how can you be assured that you are going to keep your job?  Well – you can’t.  But there is one thing you can do that will make it very hard for them to let you go.

Be more than just a worship leader!

If all you do is pick out songs each week, get the charts to your band, have a rehearsal, and then do your gig on Sunday – you are pretty easy to replace.  There are a lot of people in your town who can do that – and they would do that for a lot less money.  If that is all you feel called to do – that’s great.  But unless you are in a mega-church, you are looking at a part-time job.

So, what does it look like to be more than just a worship leader? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Pastor your worship team members.  Make sure you deal with most of the issues that come up in your ministry.  Don’t make your senior pastor have to deal with situations that you should handle.

  2. Multiply your leaders.  Set a goal to let someone else lead worship at least once-a-month.  This may take a while, but it is what each of us should be doing.  Eph. 4:11-13.  As pastors we are “to prepare God’s people for acts of service.” But, don’t just focus on your current worship team members, pour into the lives of the younger musicians in your church as well.

  3. Develop your secondary gifts.  You are more than your worship leading gift.  Do you like to teach? Lead a small group or preach on occasion.  Do you like spending time with hurting people?  Volunteer to visit your church members in the hospital. Do you have administrative gifts?  Organize the church picnic next year.

  4. Expand the breadth of your ministry.  Gradually start adding more areas of ministry that will increase the level of participation: drama, visual arts, ushering, children’s choir, and stage decor to name a few.

  5. Diversify your musical style.  We all have a musical style that we are most comfortable playing.  But if all you can do is modern rock, you will limit the kind of churches that will hire you as well as the kind of musicians who will join your ministry.  I see expanding opportunities for worship leaders who can jump into multi-generational, multi-ethnic church settings.  However, you can’t do that if you aren’t comfortable with other styles such as gospel, r & b, country, jazz and even traditional styles.

All of us are replaceable.  But we can do things to make others think twice before they replace us.

What does being more than a worship leader look like to you?

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