What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

Think back to when you started leading worship.  It scared you to death, didn’t it?  You felt unprepared and unqualified. You were afraid that you would make a fool of yourself.  But you were passionate about it.  You felt like God had his hand on you, and for some reason He wanted you to lead worship.

So what did you do?

You practiced and prayed and practiced and prayed and practiced again.  Your first time might have stunk up the place, but after a couple of months it got better.  You gained a little confidence, people started affirming you, and you finally started enjoying it.

Fast-forward to today.  You’ve planned and led a few hundred worship services.  It has become easy for you.  In fact, you could plan the service on Tuesday and not think about it again until Saturday night.  You’ve learned to trust your improvisational skills, and you’ve memorized a hundred worship leading phrases that you can plug-in wherever needed.

You’re good at it now.

You’ve found your groove.

Here is where I am going with this.  What would happen if you put as much practice and prayer into this Sunday as you did five years ago?  Can you imagine it?

What is standing in the way of you making that change?

4 thoughts on “What Happened When You Became a Good Worship Leader?

    • Hey Matthias – good to hear from you. We all have those phrases we use when we haven’t really thought through what we are going to say… like “let’s all stand and worship the Lord this morning”, or “we don’t leave our problems at the door when we come to worship”, or “He is worthy of our praise today”. All the statements are true, they just don’t take any thought or work on our part.

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